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Ein kleiner Einblick in Elles Unterricht

Eine Kundin hat Elle kürzlich ein tolles Feedback gegeben, was uns natürlich sehr gefreut hat.

Wenn du noch Zweifel hast, ob Online-Unterricht das Richtige für dein Kind ist, könnte dich ihr Erfahrungsbericht davon überzeugen, eine Probestunde zu buchen. :-)

"As we were looking for an advanced English class for our 8 yo child, we came across the FamiLingua website.

Our needs were very specific: our child needed to be able to speak and write at the native speaker level in order to join an English-speaking school.

We contacted the FamilLingua team online with our request. Elle promptly answered and we were able to join a trial lesson the same week. After having had a better understanding of our child's English level, Elle even offered to try another lesson which might be a better fit.

Both trial lessons were so much fun that our daughter was very motivated to continue studying with Elle twice a week.

The results were incredible. We saw our child's English vocabulary literally blossom before our eyes. We were amazed by Elle's kindness and patience. Whenever our daughter's concentration drifted, Elle always found a gentle way to get her attention back. We were also impressed by the depth of the topics Elle chose to work on. She always tried to push our child to learn new vocabulary and formulate deep thoughts in English (speaking and writing), which is exactly what she needed to have meaningful conversations.

We are very thankful for these lessons that were very hard work disguised as a lot of fun and would warmly recommend Elle's service!"

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